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ATTENTION — Aspiring Speakers and Storytellers is it time to Unleash YOUR
BADASS Public Speaking?

Join us on Wednesday May 8th to:

ERASE the Top 3 Blocks to Delivering a Captivating Performance!

Are you hungry to feel more confident, intriguing, and influential in your presentations, pitches, and speeches?

We’ll show you how to transform your hunger into BADASS Speaking Respect:

# Build your business
# Create effective video
# Emerge as an influencer
# Land a TEDx Stage
# Position yourself as a leader
# Train as a Benefit Auctioneer
# Win new clients

#Entrepreneurs #ExecutiveDirectors #Attorneys #Sales People #Women Owned Business

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Master the 3-Keys to EARNING YOUR SEAT at the TABLE

2000 W 30th Ave

How will Your Life Change when you DARE to Speak, DARE to be Heard and DARE to be Seen? Meet us at the 3rd Place Pop-Up on Wednesday October 23, from 5:30-7:30pm. You'll hear from people just like you and me, who have taken a stand and are now being HEARD! You have the ability and opportunity to speak and be heard by the masses, not just the few when you DARE to Speak, DARE to be Heard & DARE to be Seen. Build Your Business Faster than Average! Create a Community that Changes the World! Dominate Your Field as a Leader & Influencer! Launch the Business of Your Dreams! Get the Promotion & Raise You Deserve! Despite incredible achievements, many of our clients have had the same fear holding them back of “DARING to Speak, DARING to be Heard and DARING to be Seen”! Maybe you'll discover the confidence to secure your seat at the table! www.shellystjohn.com

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Improve Your Pitch, Presentation and Speech Writing

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