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Vegan & Vegan curious meet at 12 noon on the 1st Saturday of every month. We have mid month meetups that move around. Places we've dined include Boon Burger, Circle Kitchen, The Forks, Stella's, Cocoabeans, Sukhothai, Kokeb, Delicious, Affinity, Spring Roll, Sana Soup, Siam Thai and Charisma. Our group is open to everyone whether vegan, vegetarian or otherwise. We are here to make new friends, support new vegans, answer questions about veganism. We also meet with friends within the group at other times. We've been meeting up since February 2004! Come Vegans, come Vegetarians and the rest of y'all. Come, sit, chit-chat, nibble (on food stuff) and bond with like-minded people. Boon Burger pays our Meetup.com fees!

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BFSOTM Boon First Saturday Of The Month

Boon Burger Café

what to expect: friendly and diverse group, what to bring: healthy appetite

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1st ever Roughage Eatery meetup

126 Sherbrook St

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