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Up where the metro meets the mountains, in Cherokee County, GA a hearty band of WordPress users meet regularly to trade wisdom and build skills. We have events for everyone from total noobs to advanced users. The fourth Tuesday of every month, we have Happiness Bar and/or topics for beginners. The first Wednesday of every month, we have a more business oriented event. We are adding a development track, soon. We are seeing explosive growth and look forward to serving the far North Atlanta area for years to come.

We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us!

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WordPress Posts: What, How, and Customizing with Kevin Roberts

Posts are posts, and pages are posts, and CPTs are also. A plugin'll add them too, shouldn't you? It's easy to understand what a post is when talking about blogs, but in WordPress, posts are only one kind of post. Confused? In our August 21 meetup, we are going to have Kevin Roberts show us how (and why) WordPress stores all the bits of content we give it as posts so that it can hand them back to us in nicely formatted web pages. Plus, we are going to see how we can create our own Custom Post Types for those days when the WordPress default is just not good enough to capture the data you want to work with. And, we'll see some plugins that make this task easier!

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