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Join Tania Melnyczuk, Stephen Tredrea and Jonathan Bossenger as we share the fun things we're doing with WordPress at the moment.

Although Tania Melnyczuk isn't a Web designer by profession, her work, favours and personal pursuits include the design and maintenance of several WordPress sites via a multisite installation, with most of the sites running Divi. She regards herself as an intermediate WordPress user with serious cheeseholes in her foundational knowledge. Tania will show us how she combines Divi's global modules with Table Press and WordPress' own custom fields, to create repeating elements with unique data in the price list pages at the MariusCloeteMoulds.co.za site.

Stephen Tredrea is the founder of Amibe, a WordPress SAAS for the technically disengaged, with a mission to make building great website easy without compromising technical quality. Stephen will be sharing his thoughts on how the principles of _Less is More_ supports the methodology behind The 1-Day Website: Plan. Schedule. Build in one day. An agile approach to building websites with WordPress-based Amibe.

1. Less is More: https://myonelife.me/less-is-more
2. The 1-Day Website: https://amibe.net/l/one-day-website/

Jonathan Bossenger is a web developer on a mission of self improvement. He's spent the past year or so diving deeper into the tools he already uses and has discovered some amazing gems inside the WP CLI project. Genrally considered a 'hardcore' developer tool, WP CLI is user friendly enough to be used by all folks who build WordPress websites. In his presentation Jonathan will be showing you how to get set up with WP CLI and some of the awesome things you can do with it.