• Chat over coffee(or tea)

    Cafe Noirwood

    - Arrivals and mingling (15 min) - Introductions - Chat + knowledge sharing + questions The venue owners have kindly allowed us to meet there, but everyone will be expected to buy their own beverages. Have a happy winter holiday season :)

  • Meetup with Automatticians


    Please fill in this form in addition to your RSVP here. Due to various complications, if you don't fill in the form, we will not be able to reserve a seat for you. https://goo.gl/forms/6nC6C7IzDb1ySygm2 Two people from the VIP team at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, will be attending Jaipur on September 25th. They have agreed to hold two sessions for us during that day. The first talk will be on 'Personalizing WordPress', which will be delivered by Musannif Zahir from the WordPress.com VIP team. Musannif started off on the sysadmin track, and worked with enterprise architecture from the systems side before becoming a consultant for large companies. He has been on the engineering team at Site5.com – and worked primarily with Ruby/Rails. Stéphane Boisvert is a French-Canadian international speaker who works as a team lead for WordPress.com VIP, which works on and hosts some of the biggest sites in the world(TechCrunch, NYT, CNN etc). This talk will be on the topic - 'Writing secure WordPress code'. The venue for this meetup is being provided by ZNetLive (https://www.znetlive.com)

  • Using Page builders with WordPress

    Cafe Coffee Day

    In this session, we'll talk about what are page builders, and how they're pushing WordPress in a whole new era of building websites. We'll also talk about a few popular options, and will see the good and the bad of using such a plugin. Please fill in this form if you want to attend. The RSVP feature here is grossly misunderstood, so we're doing this experiment this time. https://goo.gl/forms/VkmDyIT5UTsJRGIs1 Feel free to comment here for any questions.

  • Talking about WordCamps

    Cafe Coffee Day

    In this meetup, we'll talk about WordCamps. According to WordCamp.org: "WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. " We'll talk about what a WordCamp is, and how is it beneficial for your career, business, or your networking. We'll also talk about upcoming local WordCamps, and about making group plans for attending them. If you have any questions, or are having trouble finding the place, feel free to call us: Gaurav[masked] Mridul[masked]

  • Building child themes for WordPress

    Suits Cafe

    If you're not able to find the location, please call Gaurav on[masked] or Mridul on[masked]. Making a child theme is the basic start of your theme customizations in WordPress. It is a simple, yet not widely understood process. We'll talk about the basic process of creating your first child theme in this talk, with a demo of the process. If you bring your laptops to practice hands-on, we'll have installers for Bitnami WordPress stack available on hand :)

  • SEO meetup

    Alankar Mahila B.Ed. College

    Please call Rohan at[masked] or Gaurav at[masked] if you're not able to find the place. Here's a link to the place on Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/HLvYbk4YCq42

  • Bloggers meetup

    The Urban Hub

    It is a show and tell, discussion style meetup for technical and non technical bloggers. Would be informative and practical. Will cover following: • What is Blogging? • Why Wordpress for blogging • How to setup and prepare for blogging on wordpress • Publishing your first blog • Attracting audiance • tell us about your blog