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Venha Jogar Futebol, Seg 21h @ Aterro do Flamengo - Play football
*** SE REGISTRA AGORA @ WWW.ATIVORIO.COM *** Toda semana, média de 22+ jogadores por jogo (Registrado em • Jogo: 11 v 11 (Incluindo goleiro) • Nível: Jogo social • Duração: 1h 45min • Hora: 21h - 23h : CHEGA @ 20:45 - !CHUVA OU SOL! • Numero de Campo: #2 • Preço: R$20 (Por favor, traga troca exata) *** Confirmar no Meetup não conta como se registrar *** *** JOGADORES REGISTRADOS DÃO PRIORIDADE *** Você está pagando por: • Organização do Jogo - Só se increver online, chegar e jogar • Todo o equipamento - Bolas de qualidade, árbitro, etc • Coletes dupla face - Cada jogador recebe um colete limpo • Água grátis - para todos os jogadores previamente inscritos • Clima amigável - Jogo amistoso, propício para conhecer pessoas de todas as partes do mundo e se divertir jogando bola. Otimização do tempo de jogo • A quantidade de jogadores é limitada - cada jogador possa aproveitar ao máximo o tempo de jogo. ______________________________________________________ REGISTER NOW @ ! Every week we average 22+ players per game (registered on Game: 11 v 11 (including goalie) Level: Open social game Time: 9PM - 11PM - Arrive 15 mins early -RAIN OR SHINE! Duration: 1h45 min game Field Number: 2 Cost: $20R (please bring exact change) Join us every Monday in Flamengo park for a social game of football (soccer). Our weekly games are fully organized, ref, jerseys and all the equipment you need to play. Flamengo park, Aterro Campos Society house some of the best, large scale, turf football fields in Rio de janeiro. So, remember to invite all your friends!! *** Confirming on MEETUP does not count as registering *** What do you pay for? • No waiting or searching for games - just sign up online and you are guaranteed a spot to play • All the equipment you need to play - High quality footballs, nets, etc. • Individual jerseys - no sharing, cleaned for every game • Free water - provided to each player • Professional Referee - keeps the game moving and fun! • Social Atmosphere - Meet people form all over the world, fun and friendly matches • Multi-Lingual - Managers speak English and Portuguese

Aterro do Flamengo

Flamengo · Rio de Janeiro

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AtivoRio, located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is a social sports network dedicated to providing fun and accessible sports activities to anyone visiting or living in our marvelous city!

Many people have come to Rio de Janeiro and realize that it is alive with sports and outdoor activities. This city thrives on the hot sun, endless beaches and the Brazilian's positive vibes. But to participate in all the action, you might run across the familiar hurdles of being in another country;

How can you ask to play if you do not speak the language? Where do you go to get in on a game? Would the people be welcoming if you asked to join?

We provide easy and accessible sports activities with no long term commitment with English and Portuguese support. Sports are a fundamental part of the Brazilian culture and we want everyone to have the chance to feel the energy and passion Cariocas (Natives to Rio de Janeiro) poses for athletics. Choose from daily pick-up games or if you are living in Rio de Janeiro join our on-going competitive leagues. All you have to do is sign up and get in the game! Join us today!

Sports in Rio:

• Football (soccer)

• Beach Volleyball and Futevolie

• Basketball

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