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Welcome to Community Village, Lisboa!

We are:

  • an international (and LOCAL!) meditation community
  • a place to practice & learn 2,500yr old tradition backed by the latest science)
  • 100% donation based, no strings attached!

You should join if:

  • you’ve meditated before (even just once!) and are curious to learn more
  • you’ve been meditating for a while and want to take the next steps
  • you want to connect with like-minded people online & in person

About us:
Hi, we’re Nina and Caleb. We both started meditating around 10 years ago and created Community Village out of the sense that our meditation practice felt lonely. Meditating on (some very awesome!) apps and never talking to friends about meditation can make practice seem daunting and be hard to stick to. But it’s no coincidence that people have practiced meditation in community for over 2,500 years!

With Community Village we strive to put community first again, and all that we can learn from it! Both our practices are rooted in the Western Insight Meditation tradition. At the same time, we’re inspired by everything from the latest Neuroscience & Psychology to other traditions like Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. We incorporate a variety of these teachings into our practice, life and Community Village.

This group is open to all, so feel free to invite your friends! :)

We hope to see you soon!

More info on Community Village: