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"Veni, Vidi, Vici" is the Couchsurfing Recife LANGUAGE MEETING for idioms, accents, dialects, local expressions and linguistics plus any kind of language related subjects. Monthly and starting this upcoming Sunday January the 25th from 3PM till 6 PM.
To make people interested in the practice of idioms , work on things of pronunciation, idiomatisms, cover subjects such as the diversity of accents in general, but specially in brazil, creating interaction between Foreigners and Brazilians from all corners.
Guys, basically the Lang meeting is practicing of languages so you are very likely to meet beginners eager to practice and more advanced speakers and any practice pays off.
A page with a few nouns and verbs bout brazil and Recife ( in Portuguese, English and Spanish, but there’ll be people going for other languages, obviously ) we'll be handed over helping the conversation with tips. As we are for occupying public spaces the meeting will take place in praça do arsenal,the marine arsenal square, in Recife antigo, the old downtown. Look for Couchsurfing logos on flags or Towels on the ground.