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One of a kind, out of schedule event of Python Porto in partnership with Two guest speakers from Barcelona come to UPTEC to share their experience of riding drones and taming data with Python. In between we’ll have a coffee break with snacks, drinks and heated discussions. After the event everyone is welcome to join the networking dinner, where we can continue the discussion.


- 19:00 — 19:10. Opening talk
- 19:10 — 19:40. Dimitri Herrero. “Flying drones with Python”.
- 19:40 — 20:00. Coffee and networking break
- 20:00 — 20:30. Artur Mindiiarov. ”Democratizing data at”
- 20:30 — 21:00. Wrapping up

The format and the location of the dinner is up to discussion. If you happen to have some ideas, share it with organizers.


Our first speaker Dimitri Herrero is the Tech Lead of Business Intelligence at There they love everything related to flying, including drones.
In this talk, Dimitri introduce you to the Dronecode project. He’s going to walk you briefly through all the components you need to build a drone, and then he will present a demo of the Dronecode Python SDK.

We hope that by the end of the session you'll have an interest in building your first drone app on Python and a clear understanding of how to do it.


Artur Mindiiarov is a Data Engineer at He will be talking about the ongoing effort to make data open and accessible to everyone. He shares how using the power of graph databases and natural language processing they built a Slack chatbot, helping them in finding the right information. It’s all built in Python (of course!) with help of Elasticsearch, Neo4j and Dialogflow.