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Tackling the Beast: Maintaining and Upgrading Legacy Code

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Most developers have at least one code base they avoid because they're terrified of breaking it. But then, how do they fix it? 😱

In our first ROR Meetup in over a year (!), we will be answering your burning question on how to *effectively* deal with legacy code ⚡️

We have organized three 30 minute talks to introduce a diverse range of perspectives, techniques and examples on maintaining and upgrading your dragon-like legacy code.

🙌 Arthur Silva
How to maintain your sanity bringing new standards to old code

• Challenges faced
• Solutions
• Roadmap
• How to steer developers away from the abyss
• Duct tapping it all together

🙌 Paulo A Pereira
Shiny new code and good ol’ code working together

• Why ?
* Independent, faster and frictionless development
* Full team ownership: “You build it, you run it!”
* Ability to experiment and add more value to customers
• How ?
* Choosing the right tool for the job
* Partial rollout and maintaining parity when needed (feature flags)
* Instrumenting all things! (metrics and tracing)
• Will this work for me ? (Parting thoughts and some advices based on what we have learned)

🙌 Pedro Moreira
"Life after 15k commits - Legacy code in a 4.5 year old project"

• Legacy code is not evil
• New requirements, tech debt & legacy code
• A refactor a day keeps the project rescue away
• Meeting with a monster

⭐️ A big thanks to Altice and ENTER for providing the space ( ⭐️