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We are the community that caters to learning on every aspect of data. We don't focus on just one vendor, technology, or area of interest. If it's data learning, then this is the community where it happens

We meet on a monthly basis, and organize sessions on various topics in data. We invite industry experts, academics, technology enthusiasts, and students to come share their knowledge with the community

We were previously called SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group (SS SLUG) for 10 years, since April 2007, and were focused on SQL Server and Microsoft data technologies. Recently, we borrowed a leaf out of Microsoft's own book, and decided to follow their steps, and have opened out to everyone: Democratizing data learning. SS SLUG has now become the Sri Lankan Data Community, a learning platform for all those working on the data space in Sri Lanka; regardless of vendor, technology or area of interest.

Come speak for us: We encourage new and first time speakers to come speak for us, because in the end you are our future and we need you to start contributing to our community to help grow Sri Lanka's technology sector. Believe us; it will do wonders for your career...

Eventos realizados (30)

August 2019 Meetup

Microsoft Sri Lanka

July 2019 Meetup

Microsoft Sri Lanka

February 2019 Meetup

Microsoft Sri Lanka

January 2019 Meetup - Analytics Speed Demos

Microsoft Sri Lanka

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