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Talk2Machine Caparica: Dive into programming by creating games!

Located in Costa da Caparica and curious about the world of coding? Talk2Machine Caparica is where you'll want to be. Dive into this mesmerizing realm with us and see where your creativity takes you! Join the adventure today!

Welcome to Talk2Machine Caparica! Nestled in the city of Costa da Caparica, we're a vibrant community geared towards helping enthusiasts, hobbyists, and curious minds explore the fascinating world of programming through game development.


🎮 Game Development: Turn your ideas into reality as you learn to program by creating games. It's an exciting way to grasp coding concepts!
🗓️ Weekly Workshops: Engage in weekly hands-on sessions and discover the magic of talking to machines.
💡 Experienced Mentorship: With an educator boasting over 15 years of programming experience, you're sure to get insights that go beyond the basics.
🌐 English Workshops: Conducted entirely in English, our sessions cater to both local residents and international folks in Caparica.
🧒👴 For Everyone: Age is but a number! Be you 8 or 88, there's always something new to learn with us.
💰 Zero Costs: Our aim is to spread knowledge and passion. Joining and attending is absolutely free.
💻 BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer): Equip yourself with your laptop, and we'll equip you with skills and memories!