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We're now associated with a Facebook group (LOTS of other members) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/tinyhouseasheville . And we're building a website at http://www.tinyhouseasheville.org .

Join Us for a Fun and Rewarding Experience

Learning About and Volunteering to Build

Sustainable Small Homes and Tiny Houses

(and even "Shipping Container Homes"!)

Asheville Tiny Home Association

This group was inspired by the need for affordable, sustainable and attractive housing. Driven by the struggles of the economy and combined with Asheville's inherent sense of creativity, community, and environmental awareness, we are coming together to give life to the idea that there IS a solution to this problem and we can all contribute to each other's success in achieving that goal... owning an affordable, sustainable, attractive home.

Together, we can better our own lives while helping the planet. All ages & levels of experience welcome! For more information, please see our Calendar of Events or Contact Us.

Our Goals

• Learn more about green building through lectures, tours, workshops, building, and sharing information

• Make green home building more affordable via our volunteer labor

• Bring attention to a housing (and life) crisis solution: A new type of "affordable housing" and the ethos behind it

We are just neighbors helping neighbors.

Eventos realizados (138)

Tiny House Asheville Monthly Meet & Greet

Greenlife Grocery

Tiny House Asheville Monthly Meeting

Greenlife Grocery

Legalizing Tiny Houses on Wheels: What We Need Next

Greenlife Grocery

Asheville City Council THOW/OF Legalization Discussion

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