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If you're near Pasadena and work with WordPress, why not come on out and meet other people who are also working with one of the most popular web publishing platforms out there.

All experience levels are welcome to attend. This is a good meetup group for small business owners looking to optimize and build their online presence and freelancers who work with the popular CMS.

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WordPress Pasadena General Meetup, September 2019!

This is our September General meetup. We're back on Tuesdays now (sorry to those who were digging Wednesdays). ==Meetup Info== WordPress Pasadena is back in beautiful Old-Town Pasadena at one of the first (and finest) Co-Workin' spaces in town, CrossCampus (http://www.crosscamp.us/). Bring your curiosity, your questions, your swell attitude and lots of potatoes. J/k, just bring your smiling faces. Please read the info below as it pertains to our meetup format and FAQs. About the Pasadena WordPress Meetup We've been around for 7+ years! Yeah. Believe the hype! Your hosts are Alex Vasquez, a website developer who runs DigiSavvy (https://digisavvy.com/), a boutique digital creative agency in LA. Who can attend? We welcome attendees from all backgrounds and experiences to come and participate. If you want to learn about WordPress and have questions; please attend. If you know all there is to know about WordPress you are welcome to attend because you are cooler than cool! Format For the first segment, we usually have a brief presentation (15+/- minutes) then we do a roundtable format of Q and A about WordPress, so please bring your questions. This is also a great opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Everyone that attends is expected to ask a question or answer a question. You're taking time to show up, so please, please, please get involved!!! I mean that! Your participation keeps this community going and growing. The second part we network and it's also a time to assist one another with in-depth help regarding questions they may have. FAQs • Is this a place to talk about my services and products I sell? No. There are networking groups specifically for that. We're not one of them. • Is there a charge to attend? NO! The only thing we ask is that you participate and be welcoming toward one another. It's a safe space to learn from one another. • Can I talk about my business and things I sell? Sure, but DON'T sell to the Meetup Group. There are other communities for that sort of stuff and it's not welcome here. • Will there be food and/or drink? No. Make sure you eat and hydrate yourself. Do you know how hard it is to learn on an empty stomach? • Is this group right for me? Personally, I think this group is for everyone. Some people feel overwhelmed by the sometimes (and sometimes often) technical/advanced nature of the questions posed. That's okay. There's a lot of that. But everyone of any skill level is encouraged to ask a question, no matter how "beginner" the question may seem.Don't be discouraged if you don't know the material discussed. Feel free to ask questions. The group is meant to empower and encourage. • What if I know the answers to all the questions? Can I answer all of them? There are a lot of smart people in this group who show up ready to help and answer beginner and advanced topics alike. Please encourage and allow everyone to lend their voice to the conversation, too.

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