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The purpose of the group is to share scalable business building strategies with publishers, authors, bloggers, and writers.

Direct marketing combined with the principles of publishing has been proven and perfected for over 100 years.

Direct marketing was first used to sell books around the 1920s, starting with the book “The Little Leather Library,” which sold 40,000,000 copies in the first five years.

Soon afterward, The Book of the Month Club started with 4,000 subscribers and within 20 years had more than 550,000 subscribers.

Direct marketing combined with the principles of publishing continued to improve throughout the 1940-50s with the launch of many new magazines.

In the 1960s, Eugene Schwartz was the first person to promote a book that leveraged the author’s expertise into other types of publishing ventures. This “new” way of building a business around a book created additional revenue streams for the author.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, direct response publishing continued to be perfected as media companies, book publishers, to solopreneurs embraced these proven principles to sell more books, generate revenue, and build a brand.

Today, digital media publishers, authors, bloggers, and writers can create content online to build their audience.

Every piece of content that you create is an asset for your business. Whether it is creating a social media post, a podcast episode, a blog post, an online video, an email newsletter, a long-form sales letter, or a webinar, every piece of content that you create helps you connect with your audience.

Today, authors do not need to sell as many books as The Little Leather Library or the Book of the Month Club to succeed and build a business.

Digital direct marketing combined with the principles of publishing provides one of the fastest ways to create authority, influence people, and make an impact on people’s lives all around the globe.

We will discuss topics that involve publishing, digital direct marketing, growing an audience, and building a business.

Some topics will be about:

Building a Business Around Your Book

Writing Persuasively

Creating Content to Cultivate Customers

Marketing Your Business Online and Offline

Paid and Free Marketing Strategies To Build Your Audience

Publishing Products Other Than A Book

Plus, Other Business Building Tips To Help You Grow Your Business

So, join us, and discover how to thrive by combining the principles of publishing with the proven strategies of direct marketing in today’s digital world to build your audience and business.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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