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Dan O'Boyle: Leap Motion - First Look

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Think Minority report is Science Fiction? Sure we've all seen clever setups using a wii-mote or an Kinect, but there's no truly practical hardware for motion caption.
Enter Leap Motion. Dan O'Boyle is an early access developer for the Leap Motion, and will have one on site for his talk as he walks you through using the Leap with JQuery, and stumbles his way through using the Leap with Python.

Dan O'Boyle is currently employed as Senior Systems Engineer for Hillsborough Township Public Schools. Dan is currently in process of earning a Masters in Software Engineering from Drexel, while moonlighting as CTO for East Coast start-up Dan is a complete and total Chrome addict, having recently built and deployed a copy of Chromium OS to over 500 netbooks in Hillsborough. Dan would love to work for Google someday (If he ever stops loving what he does now) He also has 2 ridiculous Golden Retrievers, and is very uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person .