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**NOTE** Instead of organizing games via Meetup, most people now are using Playtime Scheduler: http://www.playtimescheduler.com (http://www.playtimescheduler.com/)


Pickleball is one of the fastest growing (and most fun!) sports in the nation. You will most likely find instant enjoyment in the game that combines Ping-Pong, tennis and other racket sports.

This Meetup is intended for fun and competitive play in various locations throughout the Puget Sound. For those that haven't played, it's easy to learn, people are friendly and you will get plenty of exercise. All ages and abilities welcome! The hope is to expand and get more organizers throughout the region, so contact me if you are interested in hosting an event.

To learn how to play pickleball (or for a refresher) – including rules, scoring and gameplay – check out this helpful video (Part 1 of 3): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEYsymCtIDY

For indoor and outdoor pickleball court locations in the area, refer to this great resource: http://www.timeforpickleball.com/locations.html

This Meetup group requires a monthly fee, so I ask those who attend a meetup to perhaps chip in a $1 or 2 (optional). It's cheap entertainment and will keep the group going strong!

Now, let's get out on the court and play this amazingly addictive game!

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