The law has finally caught up to the owner of Greenwood Pets & Plants (Warren, Mi). Allegedly a baby pygmy goat was suffering from a urinary blockage last June and Animal Control was called. They found many other items of concern and issued tickets.

The charges were listed as animal abandonment and cruelty.

Court Summary:

October 16th - Mr. Jone’s plead guilty to 1 count and the other one was dismissed. He was “under advisement” meaning, if nothing happens the charges would be dismissed.

October 31st - A warrant was issued for failing to appear in court and Mr. Jones was arrested. He was then released.

January 17th – Arraignment was held. Jones would not accept the plea deal. Moves to circuit court. We would like to thank the prosecutor for not reducing the charges.

January 28th – Circuit Court Arraignment - pre-trail date was set.

January 31st – Circuit Court Pre-trail pending

Our investigation shows the owner, Dennis Jones, has been in trouble with the Michigan Department of Agriculture before. He is no stranger to pet store violations. Complaints were filed related to animals with no food, unsatisfactory cleanliness of the stores, food storage not adequate, overcrowding of animal cages, insufficient number of employees to maintain husbandry, surfaces not disinfected and distressed birds loosing feathers. Fines were issued, but the store continues to receive complaints.

Greenwood Pets has a history of working with a large puppy broker from Kansas -Lambriar Inc’s. They recently closed this summer, but their last inspection report listed 773 puppies in inventory.

Let us not forgot about the illegal potbellied pig sold to the local Warren family last November. Greenwood sold this underage (6-week old) pig with the umbilical cord still on! Fox2 covered this story exposing the sale of other illegal to have (but not to sell) animals.

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