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Pollywood Pets/Little Dogz Campaign Donations

Needs a location


Our campaign is going well. I hope you all had a chance to read the Detroit Free Press ( and Macomb Daily ( articles. It is important that we like, recommend and share these articles to show the media how important this issue is – and hopefully they come back and follow our stories.

We will continue our public education until the store stops selling puppies. So far we have spent $680 on supplies, such as postcards, flyers, copies, sign making materials and two new banners. We collected $285 last November, so we need to collect more donations (approx $400).

We are looking for $10 donations, or whatever you can afford to cover these costs. If you would like to contribute, please RSVP this event and include the amount. You will then receive a Paypal invoice or instructions for sending a check.

Or, if you would like to send a check, please send it to Pam Sordyl at 8758 Deerwood Road, Clarkston, Mi 48348

Please note, we are not a non-profit, so this donation is not tax deductible.

Thank you. ~Pam

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