Canceled Meetup

Pollywood Pets Protest (Mt. Clemens)


Sustained protests continue every Saturday in August. Please join us from 12-1:30.

Standing out at the entrance of the Trade Center with big banners is drawing a lot of attention. May people honk or stop to show their support. Many have a story or two to tell. Just when we thought we heard them all, someone shocks us with another sick animal case. We share these video testimonies to help educate the online community. We also believe our protests send a loud message to the Trade Center owners. If you can’t attend, please sign our petition ( and share facebook posts!

As a reminder, we do not want anyone to rescue animals from this store.

Learn more about Pollywood and our campaign plans on our website (

We will have plenty of signs and banners to hold.

Pam Sordyl 734-718-7100

Park next door in the vacant lot (formerly the Macomb Daily). Do not park in the Trade Center lot.

General Reminders:

1) Do not go into the Trade Center or Pollywood store before, during or after the protest.

2) Do not walk or park in the Trade Center parking lot. We have to stay on public property which includes the easement which is approximately 20 feet from the road.

3) Do not block the view of vehicles pulling out of the Trade Center.

4) Do not interrupt the flow of traffic. If cars stop, make sure they pull around to the parking area near the entrance side and keep moving.

5) Please do not bring your dog. We do not recommend having animals at protests that are near traffic and subject to potentially bad weather.

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