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If Utica Pet Supply is still selling puppies after weekly June protests, we will continue every Saturday until they stop and transition to adoption events only.

Why are we launching a public education campaign?

1. Utica Pet Supply has a history of working with large out-of-state commercial breeders. Happy Tails Kennels (http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/7158/MN/US/) in Minnesota supplied puppies from 2003-2006. The Detroit Free Press (http://www.michiganhumane.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8927) exposed this puppy mill connection and listed Utica Pet Supply as one of the top importers of puppies in Michigan.

2. Our investigation revealed the store has continued to work with large out-of-state breeders in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. One such breeder—Canterbury Tails Pets, LLC, Kansas—inspection report read, “White Lhasa has pink flesh protrusions from the 3rd eyelids of both eyes. This dog has thick creamy discharge and cloudy corneas of both eyes. Eye conditions such as these can cause pain and loss of vision”. Another dog was reported to have a laceration on the right shoulder two inches in length with fresh blood. Inventory reports show they kennel between 370 – 450 adult dogs.

3. Another breeder, Brian Sterrenberg of Joyce, Iowa, had outside runs full of ice, snow and fecal material.

4. Currently, the Better Business Bureau is also giving this store a failing grade -- Rated F.

You can follow our campaign under the Meetup Discussions. (http://www.meetup.com/puppymillawareness/messages/boards/thread/20022392)

Parking: Park on the side street south of Utica Pet Supply. McClellan St.

Signs: We will have some signs to hold. If you wish to make your own sign, here are some suggestions. Remember all signs have to be factual.

"Boycott Utica Pet Supply"
"Ask about the puppies mothers"
"Utica Pet Supply = Puppy Mills"

Contact: Pam 734-718-7100

General Reminders:
1) Do not go into the store, before, during or after the rally. If you choose to protest, you can no longer go into the store to check anything out on any day.
2) Do not walk or park in the plaza lot. We have to stay on public property.
3) Do not stand too close to the entrance.
4) Do not block the view of vehicles pulling out of the plaza.
5) Do not interrupt the flow of traffic. If cars stop, make sure they pull in and keep moving.
6) If it looks like rain we will still protests. Most signs are plastic covered and we have plastic bags for signs the public brings out. We will not protest if there is lightening.
7) Please leave your dogs at home. We do not recommend having animals at protests that are near traffic and subject to potentially bad weather.

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