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Petland Novi continues to ship puppies from out-of-state commercial breeders with unacceptable inspection reports. Check out our dedicated Petland Novi webpage (http://michiganpuppymills.yolasite.com/petland.php) which includes the results of our breeder investigation and then join us for more sustained protests at Twelve Oaks this summer!

We are beginning weekday protests starting in June. Days may vary, but the time should stay at 5-7 for each protest.

Learn more about Petland, Novi ( Breeders, Brokers, Media and Complaints (http://www.meetup.com/puppymillawareness/messages/boards/thread/11213881))

Join the Petland Boycott Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/PetlandNoviBoycott).

The protests will be in front of Denny's, Red Lobster and Comerica Bank at the main entrance to Twelve Oaks Mall. This is a busy road, please do not bring your dogs.

Signs: We will have plenty of signs available.

Contact: Pam Sordyl 734-718-7100

Parking: In the back of Denny's lot.

General Reminders:

1) Do not go into the store, before, during or after the rally. If you choose to protest, you can no longer go into the store to check anything out on any day.

2) Don't walk or park in the mall lot. We have to stay on public property.

3) Don't get too close to the entrance. If people stop, make sure they pull around to the Denny's lot where we will have more information. We can't block traffic.

4) If you are new, you do not need to speak to the public. If someone asks you questions at the exit, tell them to pull around so they do not block traffic. Most often, they do not, so try to at least hand them a flyer.

6) If it looks like rain/snow, find some clear plastic bags for your sign. I use clear drop cloth. Thank you in advance for joining us.

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