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Join us for holiday protests at the Oakland Mall to warn the public about Michigan's largest puppy peddler.

Conscientious consumers should arm themselves with The (http://files.meetup.com/1258100/The%20Family%20Puppy%20Breeder%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf) Facts (http://files.meetup.com/1258100/The%20Family%20Puppy%20Breeder%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf) before ever considering purchasing a puppy from this store or any puppy store. The Family Puppy has perfected puppy-peddling here in Michigan and is leading the way for other sellers in the pet trade. They know how to draw you into their store with birthday parties and ensure your children spend an ample amount of time bonding with their puppies, or shall we say ‘their products’. They know your sticker shock will be overrun by your emotional connection to a cuddling puppy. They know how to answer all the tough questions and recently took some “fairy tale” photos of some breeders to appear transparent. The Family Puppy will mislead buyers, not only about their large breeders, but everything from their All American Adoption Program (http://thefamilypuppyboycott.blogspot.com/2012/10/watchdogging-puppy-stores-that-claim.html) to how their breeders are selected. Don’t be fooled. If you can’t see the parents and their living conditions, walk away.

This photo was taken at Debbie Phillips kennel in Long Lake MO.

This photo was taken at Brad D.S. & B.E. Grotewold's kennel in Lake Mills IA.

This photo was taken Lavern Whetstones kennel in Middlebury IN.

Signs: We will have plenty of signs to hold.

Contact: Pam Sordyl 734-718-7100

Parking: Park in the back of Blinds to Go on 14 Mile. Use the row of parking spots along 14 mile road.

General Reminders:

1) Do not go into the store, before, during or after the protest. If you choose to protest, you can no longer go into the store to check anything out on any day.
2) Do not walk or park in the mall lot. We have to stay on public property. If you cut across the mall property, keep your sign down and make a straight line approach. For this protest we will not need to cut across the mall property. The easement is approximately 20 feet from the road.
3) Do not stand too close to the entrance.
4) Do not block the view of vehicles pulling out of the mall.
5) Do not interrupt the flow of traffic. If cars stop, make sure they pull around to our parking area and keep moving.
6) Please do not bring your dog. We do not recommend having animals at protests that are near traffic and subject to potentially bad weather.

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