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During this period in history we are finding ourselves faced with many daunting issues, whether it's the pollution of our planet, racial and economic conflict, the divide between political parties, and not to mention a global pandemic. With all of this in front of us, it's easy to get worked up and to point the finger outside of ourselves, whether at a particular system or group of people. One can see how if everyone is pointing fingers at someone else, all that results from this is more tensions building and less connection to each other as humans. Everything that is going on right now is a human issue as a whole, and it's too simple to blame it on any particular group of people, no matter how "bad" they appear. We are all more alike than it may seem on the surface.

If we really care about making a change, the first place to work on is within ourselves. How can we expect to change anything or anyone else if we don’t even know ourselves? While the whole world is building tensions outwardly, it's our responsibility to not get swept away by this powerful force, but to go inward so as to balance the chaos on the outside with order on the inside. This inward exploration is harder than it seems and it's a long journey that isn't for everyone, but it may just be what is needed to make the small changes that will help point humanity in the right direction.

This is a non-denominational group aimed at exploring what the meaning of life is and how we can change ourselves to be closer to our true nature as human beings. We will work with practical inner tools and exercises on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, and when we meet we will deepen our understanding by sharing experiences and learning from each other. Readings and themes will be taken from a variety of different sources including different spiritualities, philosophies, and areas of study.

The greater part of these exercises and readings will come from the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and J.G. Bennett. These were two esoteric explorers and visionaries who uncovered and collected invaluable teachings from the east, from many different sources, and brought them to the west for the purpose of making inner transformation possible to those who are willing to take the leap.

This group is for us to come together, in order to strengthen our questioning about what is really going on and to deepen our search to find out who we really are.

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