Code dojo • PyCon trip report


Please bring a laptop to follow along. Doors open at 5:45, and we’ll have sandwiches courtesy of 3point Science ( before the talks start around 6:30.

PyCon trip report • Kurt Neufeld

A quick and informal talk about what PyCon was like this year, and some of its highlights.

Code Dojo • David McKeone


Code Dojos are an exercise that help to refine your ability to work under time pressure, to work with a team mate to solve a problem, and to encourage that code be fully tested during development.

The Code Dojo works as follows:

- A problem will be given at the beginning of the session.

- Programmers will work in pairs to solve a problem. One person will type on the computer and the other will assist.

- It is highly recommended that Test Driven Development be used, or at a minimum that all code be unit tested.

- Groups may also wish to commit as they go using a version control system like git. (Red > Green > Refactor > Commit)

- Python preferred, but challenges will be accepted.

- Each team will have 20 minutes to work on the problem.

- After 20 minutes there will be a short discussion where each team reviews the approach they had to the problem.

- Each team will then get an additional 20 minutes to incorporate any feedback from the group discussion.

- After both 20 minute sessions each group will give a short lightning talk (< 5 minutes) about how they solved the problem. (Show boating encouraged! Let that scope creep!)

Suggested Reading:

- Writing Tests:

- Hello World w/ Git: