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We are all Gods in theory but not in practice. Meditation is the way to realize our Godhood in practice.

Meditation is going beyond the Body, Mind and Intellect to touch the Eternal and start living from there. It is the science of Energy Maximization, Science of Physical Health, Science of Joy and Science of Unity Consciousness.

Many of our lives are filled with constant worry, anxiety, fears, stress. We are suffering from lack of physical health, peace and happiness.

Through meditation, we will be able to reach states of Consciousness where we are completely at peace, deeply relaxed, with joy and bliss flowing uninterruptedly from within. This is a state where every moment of life is a joy and celebration.

The group wishes to spread the simple technique of "Anapanasati Meditation" and create an awareness of Pyramid Energies to each and every person.

We meet periodically for Group Meditation and Spiritual Science workshops.

There are NO pre-requisites, NO fees to pay, NO courses to join and it is suitable for ALL.


The word .. ‘‘ Anapanasati ”.. in ancient Pali language means ....

"to direct one's total attention and awareness only on one's normal, natural breathing process"

"ana … means … in-breath ”

“apana … means … out-breath ”

“ sati … means … be-one-with ”

In ‘ Anapanasati ’, one’s attention of the mind should constantly be on the normal, natural breath.

The task on hand is effortful and joyful oneness with the breath.

No ‘ mantra ’ is to be chanted .. no form of any ‘ deity ’ is to be entertained in the mind

.... no hatha yogic pranayama practices like‘ kumbhaka (holding the breath) ’ .. should be attempted.

Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken.

The posture should be as comfortable as possible.

Hands should be clasped and all fingers should go into all the other fingers.

Eyes should be closed.

The crux of the matter is to resist, to the best of our abilities, the routine wasteful wanderings of the mind.

ALL STRAY THOUGHTS SHOULD BE CUT right away, as and when they keep arising.

When we are with the Breath-Energy, the mind becomes rather empty.

Then, there is a tremendous in-flow of cosmic energy into the physical body.

Gradually, the hitherto dormant third-eye becomes activated.

And .. by and by .. cosmic consciousness is experienced.

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Full Moon Pyramid Meditation - 21 Jan 2019

Vyasa Yoga (New Location)

At the time of the full moon, the moon stands on the far side of the earth, away from the sun. This leaves a full, direct and unimpeded relationship between the earth and the sun. This is symbolic of the relationship between the human personality and the soul. Full Moon nights are a precious opportunity to harvest the abundant cosmic energy available for intensive meditation. Meditation done on a full moon day is three times more powerful than ordinary meditation. This session is suitable for all levels. Please kindly be seated by 7.30 pm.

Global Pyramid Energy Conference - II

Bosnian Pyramids

Discover the Pyramids and Healing tunnels of Bosnia , meet with world renowned Pyramid Scientists and Spiritual Scientists at this 8-day Global Pyramid Energy Conference 2019! Visit www.bosniaconf.org for more information and to register.

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Pyramid Meditation - Last session in 2018

Vyasa Yoga (New Location)

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