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Hi everyone,
We will be having our August meetup on the 14th this month in the Science Gallery at 6:30pm sharp.

Speaker: Reetta Suonperä

Title: Replicating a consumer sentiment index with Twitter

Description: Traditionally,a consumer sentiment index is constructed using a telephone survey of a few thousand individuals. This means that they are relatively costly, the results are reported with a lag and the monthly reporting frequency is relatively low. The way the questions are structured also limits the extent to which we can identify the drivers of sentiment. Twitter offers a possibility for faster, cheaper and more information-rich way of measuring consumer sentiment. This talk will explore an initial approach for using Twitter data to construct a consumer sentiment index and highlight some of the challenges and pitfalls.


Speaker: Ulrich Dangel

Title: Science, Python and You

Description: Short overview and examples of python packages and tools
useful for your everyday live as a Scientist


We will also be having some lightning talks if we have time at the end.

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