What we're about

We're a group of committed experimentalists, trying all sorts of experiences aimed at improving our quality of life in some way. Quality of Life Experiences include a variety of activities we design and try together. We have several types of meetups coming up, including a wonderful collection of novel entertaining and learning experiences. All ages welcome to many events, singles, friends and families!

We are connected with Quality of Life Experiments, a nonprofit project working to help people around the world find ways to measurably reduce suffering and improve on quality of life. We have a growing internship and coaching practice, and encourage all our participants to get connected in our meetups, especially toward improving your own quality of life with the great connections and experiences you can get!

Bring your awesomeness and openness to trying something new and join us!

Who wants to learn how to edit Wikipedia? Looks great on resumes!

Who wants to talk about life and how to make our time on the planet as fulfilling as possible?

Who wants to suggest and facilitate experiences for the group with us?? All organizers welcome!

Past events (21)

Public Tour of Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Needs a location

Hydrotherapy Hangouts & Pool Parties

Club River Run Apartments

Hydrotherapy Hangouts & Pool Parties

Club River Run Apartments

Waterproof Writers Group - Poolside in Mission Valley

Club River Run Apartments

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