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Learn how to make Raw Chocolates that are healthy for you and packed full of nutrient-dense superfoods!

You can satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time flood your body with nutrient dense superfoods and adoptogenic herbs rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, neurotransmitter precursors, hormone precursors and immunity enhancers.

Eating sweets no longer has to be an indulgence that compromises your health and fills you up with unwanted empty calories. These healthy sweets can be a regular staple in your diet that enhance your energy, uplift your mood, nourish your body and crowd out many of the less-than-ideal sweet options available on the market.

Come learn how to create a variety of chocolates that contain so many essential nutrients they can truly be a meal replacement (and often are for us), with no filler ingredients or empty calories. Every single ingredient used satisfies a specific nutrient requirement and gives blissful mood boosts, while at the same time rounding out the decadent flavor and texture of these yummy little morsels!

Here are the Raw Chocolate Varieties we'll be tasting and demonstrating:

Courtney's Cosmic Chocolate Balls (featuring several varieties of a staple recipe)
Chocolate Truffle Candies (plain, peppermint and orange)
Chocolate-Cashew Butter Cups
As always, we will provide an extensive handout full of information, recipes and resource links.

Class Program:

3:30 Arrival and Introductions

Discussion of the properties of raw chocolate and complementary superfoods and adaptogenic herbs

Tasting of the chocolates

Demonstration or walk-through of each of the recipes, including how to adjust recipes to the supplies you have on hand while maintaining the ideal ratios of creamy, sweet, salty, bitter, wet, dry, sticky, and oily texture and tastes.

Instruction for how to creatively adjust the basic recipes for any picky taste-testers (including children) and for any specific requirements like athletic performance, mental focus, hormonal balance and improvement of health conditions.

5:30 Departure or hang around in conversation with us before the 6pm Raw Superfood Dinner ( that features an Irish Moss based Chocolate Mousse Pudding.

We encourage you to stay for the 6pm Raw Superfood Dinner ( to further enjoy community, conversation, and instruction about raw superfoods. Please RSVP with $10 dinner payment here:

Class Tips:

Cost of the class is $20 per person and includes samples, instruction and extensive handouts.

Please RSVP with your payment online. If you prefer to pay with cash or check, you may contact Melissa to make arrangements:[masked].

Some of the materials required for making raw chocolates will be available for purchase at the end of the class.

About The Instructor

Melissa Cantrelle is an Upgrade Artist – helping you to gracefully upgrade aspects of your health, thoughts and lifestyle into your most authentic expression of you. On her journey of evolution she discovered raw superfoods over four years ago and made quantum leaps in her own health and lifestyle. Ever since her raw superfood upgrade Melissa has been soaking up information, experimenting and practicing with raw foods, and sharing what she learns in ways that make it easy for others to practically apply upgrades in their own lives.

A Special Shout-Out to Courtney Clay whose spirit is with us in this Chocolate Class. Much of what Melissa has learned about making the most awesome, best-ever chocolates started with Courtney. While Courtney is off exploring the West Coast, we'll invoke her wisdom and chocolate connoisseurism through some of her recipes. :)