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How to Make Superfood / Superherb Elixirs

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Learn how to make raw elixirs packed full of healthy superfoods and medicinal super herbs!

An elixir is defined as a magical or medicinal potion. When you combine densely nutritious raw superfoods with the tonic, adaptogenic and medicinal properties of super herbs in a delicious beverage of spices and flavors, then you have definitely created MAGIC!

Inspired by my studies with Daniel Vitalis (creator of "ElixirCraft") and fueled by information from Courtney Clay (our previously-local wild plant guru), I've been playing with infusions, decoctions, elixirs and herbal tinctures for the past 2 years.

The cooler weather of Fall/Winter is a perfect time to create warming, nutrient-rich, complexly flavored elixirs and I'm excited to help you upgrade the more common coffees, teas and nogs into health-supporting tonics and elixir treats.

Come learn how to work with various kinds of herbs: how to prepare them based on the type of herb, make use of their medicinal properties, and balance their flavors. You'll have the opportunity to explore through taste, demonstration and instruction everything from simple infusions (only one herb used), to balanced combinations, to the art of superfood elixir creation.

Here are the Raw Elixirs we'll be tasting and demonstrating:

Simples & Combos: Nettle, Oatstraw, Chaga, Astragalus, Shatavari, Eleuthero
Fo-Ti / Dulse Soup
Cat's Claw / Pau D'Arco Superfood Elixir
Quick & Easy Wintertime Elixirs
As always, we will provide an extensive handout full of information, recipes and resource links, including detailed information about the herbs and superfoods we are playing with.

Class Program:

3:30 Arrival and Introductions

Discussion of the properties and preparation methods for herbs

Tasting of the elixirs

Demonstration or walk-through of each of the elixir recipes

Instruction on the 4 basic steps for artistically creating your own elixir combinations that will taste delicious and serve your desired health outcomes.

5:30 Departure or hang around in conversation with us before the 6pm Raw Superfood Dinner ( that features the best ever raw cheesecake.

We encourage you to stay for the 6pm Raw Superfood Dinner ( to further enjoy community, conversation, and instruction about raw superfoods. Please RSVP with $10 dinner payment here:

Class Tips:

Cost of the class is $20 per person and includes samples, instruction and extensive handouts.

Please RSVP with your payment online. If you prefer to pay with cash or check, you may contact Melissa to make arrangements: 214-717-3321.

About The Instructor

Melissa Cantrelle is an Upgrade Artist – helping you to gracefully upgrade aspects of your health, thoughts and lifestyle into your most authentic expression of you. On her journey of evolution she discovered raw superfoods over four years ago and made quantum leaps in her own health and lifestyle. Ever since her raw superfood upgrade Melissa has been soaking up information, experimenting and practicing with raw foods, and sharing what she learns in ways that make it easy for others to practically apply upgrades in their own lives.

(Special shout-out to Courtney Clay whose Herbal Infusions, Decoctions and Tinctures class info is included in the handout as we co-create yet another amazing ebook together!) :)