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    Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in joining this special group.

    Purpose of our group: This group is for people who want to improve their Spanish or English in a casual setting. Members should speak at least Spanish or English fluently or proficiently. We spend 50% speaking in English and 50% in Spanish. You should feel somewhat comfortable speaking in both languages.

    Rules: This group is very casual and fun but I am really strict on 2 things. Please update your RSVP if you cannot make the meetings. Also, we only speak 1 language at a time. I don't believe in switching back and forth between languages. If you don't know how to say a word in the language that you're learning, try to describe it instead of just switching back to your native language.

    What we offer: We offer casual and fun conversation exchange sessions.

    What members should expect from the group: Organizers of this group will make sure that members are learning in a non-intimidating atmosphere and most importantly, that everyone has fun while learning. This group is meant to be fun and social but we really like to stress the importance of practicing English and Spanish.

    What organizers expect from the members: Members are expected to fully participate and converse in English and Spanish. Please be considerate and practice both languages.

    Additional: We keep this group small for a reason. We believe that in smaller groups, each individual learner has more of a chance to speak up. Especially for those who are shy. We also believe that members benefit the most in smaller groups and have the opportunity to talk to each and every member.

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