What we're about

Queer 20s and 30s London is a group for queer and questioning people in London who would like to meet-up or make friends in a safe space. We welcome anyone that identifies as LGBT+, or is questioning. And although our group primarily consists of people in their 20s and 30s, we welcome you regardless of age.

Events / Join Us!

Right now, we are currently hosting weekly meetups every Saturday at 2:30pm - late in Green Park. Organisers typically arrive slightly before the start time, and pick a location and share it with our groups.

If you are interested in joining us, we recommend that you join one of the following groups to be informed about our precise meetup locations, or to ask for directions if you get lost.





Due to the size limit of WhatsApp groups, this group is for meetup coordination only. We have additional WhatsApp groups you may also join for other purposes:

General Chat/Discusstion (Official)


London North (Community Run)


London South (Community Run)


London East (Community Run)


London West (Official)


Brighton (Community Run)



This group is both for meetup coordination and general chitchat.



This discord server includes a multitude of different rooms for meetup coordination, chit-chat, different areas, and various hobbies & interests.


If you intend to join any of our online groups, or attend a meetup in person, you must follow our rules.


Our online and in-person spaces are intended to be a safe space for people in the community, and although we would love to not have to institute any rules, we have found that they are necessary to maintain the safety of the group.

No PM-ing people without consent: Before sending a private message to anyone on any of our online spaces, you must first get their permission in a public channel.

No chasers: (for example, if you are a straight man looking for a bi or trans girl, this group is not for you).

No requesting money

To that end, if you break any of the rules, organisers have the right and ability to warn, kick or ban you from any of the groups and in-person meetups.

If you see someone acting inappropriately or breaking the rules (including behaviour over PM), please contact one of the admins ASAP.


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lgbt_london/

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Tinnies in The Park

Green Park

Tinnies in The Park

Green Park

Tinnies in The Park

Green Park

Tinnies in The Park

Green Park

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