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What we’re about

Hi! I'm Asher (they/them), a massage therapist in McKinney.

In 2021, I got top surgery and was advised by my doctor to receive massages in order to assist in the healing process and prevent scarring. I reached out to five different therapists but discrimination prevented me from getting the care I needed so I opted to become that therapist myself!

Whether you're in need of a simple, relaxation massage or have areas of pain/discomfort that need some TLC, I"m here to offer my community a safe place to heal. As an AutieHD, transmasculine enby in the south I know on a personal level how difficult it can be to have a stress-free medical experience that addresses my specific needs in an empathetic way. That is why I aim to treat your life experience with tenderness, respect, and consideration.

If fidget, earplugs, etc are needed please feel free to bring them along.