SOLD OUT - AI innovation: Where do we fit in?

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AI innovation: Where do we fit in?

Brought to you in collaboration with QueerTech and Montreal AI Ethics Institute, hosted at Element AI.

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QueerTech and Montreal AI Ethics Institute are proud to present a panel on the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. On this exciting panel night, we will be hearing from three LGBTQ+ experts in the field of AI ethics.

Our panelists will discuss the impacts of AI development and the ethical concerns over advancements in AI while also upholding the values of inclusivity and diversity. As usual, we will also be enjoying networking over snacks and drinks!

Montreal AI Ethics Institute’s mission is to help define humanity’s place in a world increasingly characterized and driven by algorithms. We do this by creating tangible and applied technical and policy research in the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. We are focused on the applied and practical, not theoretical. We enable citizen empowerment to enhance policy development on the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. We act as a pool of knowledge and resources to enable applied experiments that will build tangible frameworks to address ethical, safety and inclusion issues in AI development. We publish all our research open-source and strive for scientific and technical reproducibility.

This event is hosted by Element AI. Element AI delivers products designed to augment decisions that help make businesses stronger, safer and more agile. The company streamlines academic research and deep industry expertise into operations models so organisations can navigate complexity with veracity. The suite of Element AI products augment decision making for roles across every organization that rely on supply chain and financial services. Element AI was co-founded in 2016 by seasoned entrepreneur JF Gagné and leading AI researcher Yoshua Bengio. Located in the deep learning hub of Montréal, Canada, the company is committed to promoting non-predatory, collaborative research models through collective intelligence.

Our panel will be moderated by Alexandre Vincart-Emard, PhD. who is the CTO at Enkidoo Technologies.

We will first be hearing an introduction to AI by Element AI Research Scientist, David Vázquez. David is a Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision. Next, we will hear from three panelists:

Audrey Durand
Audrey is a postdoc researcher with Prof. Joelle Pineau at McGill and a member of Mila. Prior to that, she completed a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Université Laval in 2018. Her work focuses on reinforcement learning, multi-armed bandits, and machine learning for health-related applications.

Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek is the founder of Montreal AI Ethics Institute. His research focuses on applied technical and policy methods to address ethical, safety and inclusivity concerns in using AI in different domains. Abhishek comes from a strong technical background, working as a Software Engineer, Machine Learning at Microsoft in Montreal.

Martine Bertrand
Martine holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Computational Physics from the University of Ottawa. She has developed simulations and visualizations of biologically relevant systems, thought physics, wrangled with data, developed software in computational chemistry, and dabbled in Natural Language Processing. She is now applying her broad knowledge to realize the full potential of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare at Imagia.


6:00 Doors Open
6:30 Networking
7:00 Welcome and Introductory Notes
7:15 Panel Begins
8:00 Networking
8:30 Doors Close