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Building an API with Rails

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Rails is an attractive platform for building HTTP-based APIs and it's easy to get started. In this presentation, Matthew Bass will go over the basics of creating an API controller, wiring it up with routes, and protecting it with authentication. He'll also discuss transport encodings, including the binary property list format which offers a dramatic performance boost for those of us building an API for an iOS device (in one of his own projects, he got a 30% speed boost by switching to plists).

Matthew has been building things with Ruby since 2002 and has spoken at RailsConf and the Ruby Hoedown. He has spoken at the meetup before on various topics, including Teascript, one of his SaaS apps that generates high school transcripts for home and private schools. By day he freelances as a mild-mannered software developer, and by night works as an EMT for Wake County. He builds SaaS apps with whatever free time is left and blogs at .

1791 Varsity Drive, Suite 200 · Raleigh, NC
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