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If you want -- or are about to -- make a big change in your personal or business life, there are two key tasks you'll need to do ON YOUR OWN:

• Think Through Issues = Solve Problems

• Talk Yourself Through the Tough Times = Be Your Own Coach

Without those in place, it's hard to succeed with any important change in your life.

At our meetups, I will train you with an innovative new thinking skill to accomplish these tasks and more. (We'll also work with goals, self-limiting beliefs, destructive emotions, etc.)

I was the lead scientist on several recent studies on the process and it is an entirely new modality. It works wonders for insight, clarity and emotional relief while you naturally think through your issues.

I have published research in the area and, more importantly, am a huge fan and user of the process. I love helping people transform their thinking - Let me help you!

If you are getting ready for a change in your life, join our next meetup and experience how it can help you. Lets get your life and goals moving forward!

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Relieve Emotions through Expression - What You've Been Doing Wrong!

Pleasant Hill Medical Center

Numerous studies show that expressing your emotions helps give you relief. But have you noticed that when you feel upset and say you're angry (or even talk about what made you upset) - you don't feel any better? Or worst - you feel more upset / depressed / anxious?! That's because most people don't know how to express their emotions properly. It's a skill and it needs to be done the right way - or it will have minimal (if any) effect. When done correctly, you'll feel better immediately - both emotionally and physically. This isn't about positive thinking, mindfulness or reframing .... it's an entirely different skill. It's one of the most powerful, misunderstood and underutilized natural abilities that we have. I'll give you the basics and get you started on your journey to emotional relief. After that, we'll have time to chat about how the same expressive skill can help with clarity, intuition, etc. -- bring your questions, experience and wisdom! Note on location: The location is in Pleasant Hill, not Concord -- a critical distinction for GPS systems!

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Inutitives and Money - Fixing the Disconnect

Pleasant Hill Medical Center


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