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Corn Chips & Cookies for Soupmobile - Friday Lunch Group on Jan. 4

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Corn Chips & Cookies for the SoupMobile to feed the homeless. Corn Chips & Cookies meets 1st and 3rd Fridays. We bag individual servings of cookies and chips for the SoupMobile, which feeds and shelters the homeless. When they have them, they hand out 600 cookie bags and chips bags a day.

Please RSVP: —look for Corn Chips and Cookies in the list of events, then click More… to RSVP.

Who Can Come: All adults, young adults, and kids who can work for 45 minutes—no kids who have to be tended to.

Dress: We have hair bands to pull hair back so it doesn’t hang in your face, or bring a ball cap.

Bring These in Any Combination, Any Quantity:

Tortilla chips—buy the biggest bag you can find (not individual serving bags) Fritos—buy the biggest bag (not individual serving bags Cookies—sandwich cookies, animal crackers, other cookies. For homemade cookies, wear gloves when you take them off the cookie sheet, and wear gloves when you put them in a large zip bag to bring them, or you can bag them at home and bring them to the meetup. Zip sandwich or snack bags—no foldovers Plastic or latex gloves—Medium, Small, and Large Donations—If you would like to donate to buy more cookies and chips, bring your donation to the meetup or contact LeAnne below. Drop-Off: You can drop off your food and/or supplies during the meetup if you can't stay, or contact LeAnne below to drop off ahead of time in Far North Dallas.

Lunch Afterward if you can stay. Cantina Laredo's food is awesome.

Questions? call LeAnne at 214-693-6656.

About the SoupMobile: The SoupMobile was started by David Timothy, aka The SoupMan, who passed out 5,000 plain peanut butter sandwiches by himself the first year. The SoupMobile has grown and grown every year since. The SoupMobile mobile soup kitchen now serves more than 600 meals a day (200,000+ meals a year) to hungry, homeless people in the South Dallas area. Random Acts Sandwiches for SoupMobile supplies most of the sandwiches served by the SoupMobile.

To learn more about SoupMobile go to: ( and .

Follow the Random Acts of Kindness Facebook page, , for "Sandwiches for SoupMobile" news.

About Tango Tab & Cantina Laredo: We thank our tremendous, generous sponsors, Tango Tab (sign up now for their unique discount program), and Cantina Laredo for hosting this event

Donor Forms and Community Service Letters: Ingredients and supply purchases are tax deductible—for a donation receipt, go to , click More on the top menu, then click Files. Look for the SoupMobile donation receipt in the list. The SoupMobile 501(c)(3) letter is in the same list of files. LeAnne can sign your community service form, or the same letterhead letter (signed) is in the files.