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Raw Food Toronto Pages

Raw Food means it has not been heated over 47C so that the enzymes within the food are still alive, and the protein structure has not been changed. We believe the enzymes are required to digest the food properly and are just as essential as vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. In general, raw foodists are vegan, although some are vegetarian.

The most common misconception is that store bought juice falls into the raw food category because it is fruit juice. However this is not the case as 99% of all juice on the market has been pasteurised - which means it is heated to a very high temperature so all the enzymes have been killed. The high temperature is only applied for a number of seconds but it is still long enough to kill the enzymes. The same goes for pasteurised milk - all the enzymes and friendly bacteria have been killed off, and the protein structure has been changed.

The Hippocrates Diet is popular with Raw Foodists.
Hippocrates Food Table http://www.naturodoc....
Popular Book on Hippocrates Diet

In general, some foods are better than others. Green foods are high in chlorella which is very important for repairing DNA in our bodies. If you do not like green vegetables, you can buy chlorella supplements, for example

Sugar is very bad for you! Some people experience sugar sensitivities and for some people, it is an allergic reaction. Regardless, sugar is bad for everyone, and can be replaced by Agave syrup, Stevia, or Xylitol (a 5 carbon sugar which is diabetic safe, and occurs naturally i.e. does not cause cancer).

The alkaline/acid balance in the body is controversial in mainstream medicine (they think we are quacks!), however raw foodists do believe it is important to maintain a more alkaline balance, as cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Also the body naturally prefers to be alkaline, so if you have an acidic meal, the body will leach minerals from your bones (like calcium) to try and restore the alkaline balance.

Speaking of calcium - it is available in many different foods (greens, nuts, etc), but if you are concerned about your calcium levels, the best supplement on the market comes from a marine plant named AlgaeCal (Algas Calcareas). Because it is a vegetable (and not limestone like most other calcium supplements), then it is very easily absorbed by the body.

One more point on bone strength. A little known fact is that you also need strontium to increase your bone density. However calcium and strontium compete against each other so if you take both at the same time, you will absorb neither. You need a 2 hour gap between calcium and strontium.

A frequently asked question for all vegans is "how do you get protein in your diet"? Well its quite easy actually!! Nuts, vegetables, and fruit all have various proteins. If you want a complete protein in one meal with all 9 essential amino acids, then you have a choice of spirulina, hempseed, or soy (fermented to breakdown the enzyme inhibitors in the soy beans). These grains are also complete proteins: quinoa and amaranth.

So now you are wondering how raw foodists eat grains because we do not cook them! We sprout the grains (and nuts and seeds) for a couple of reasons. First of all soaking them in water makes them easier for the body to digest simply because they are softer. Secondly, allowing them to sprout, de-activates the enzyme inhibitors surrounding the grain or seed. Thirdly in its sprouted form, all the nutrients are densely packed into a small leaf and stem. To get the same nutrients in its mature state would require eating a much larger plant! However note that some grains are actually toxic, eg buckwheat. It is best to google a grain's name on the internet to check if any toxicities (or side effects) have been reported. Many raw foodists do not eat grains (but do eat nuts and seeds), either due to allergies or because they believe human bodies were not designed for grains - because we have only been eating these for 10,000 years - but we have been eating fruit, veg, nuts, and seeds for hundreds of thousands of years.

Dehydrators are popular with the kitchen chefs among us, as they allow you to be more creative, and warm food to 47C so you can have a warm meal on a winter's day. Coffee grinders are also popular for grinding nuts and seeds to a fine powder for recipes. Blenders and Juicers can also be used for food preparation.

Marine Plants are always a good source of nutrients. Also organic plants can contain up to 50 times the nutrients of non-organic plants. Not to mention they should be pesticide free (although the term organic is always being stretched by the government to include more and more pesticides). It is best to buy organic food from a local farmer's market if you can (or a reputable organic store), and find out about the farmer to see how they are treating the crops. Some farmers are not certified organic (due to landowners battling the government on many different local issues), however they may be producing truly organic crops.

Himalayan crystal salt is popular with raw foodists. This is completely different to table salt (which is poisonous), and it is more pure than sea salt (because the oceans are polluted). It comes from an ancient sea millions of years ago which was landlocked when the Himalayan mountains rose up. It contains 84 essential nutrients. You do need some natural salt in your diet - your brain and your muscles cannot function without natural salt (just avoid the processed stuff i.e. table salt).

Raw food does get more complex for example food combinations are important too, as different enzymes are required for different food types. Some food types break down fast and some break down slow, so you want to think about the sequence in which you are eating different food groups. Food charts are sometimes included in Raw Food books to help you understand food combining better, for example The Raw Life by Paul Nison.

This is an article on how to transition to raw food for those of you addicted to the cooked stuff!

If your body has a problem with not producing enough enzymes, you may want to use an enzyme supplement, so that you are giving your body the enzymes it needs to digest the food. Otherwise your body has to redirect energy from its general "maintenance and repair" work to help you digest the food. But note that emotional issues and stress can also cause digestive problems, especially if you have been dealing with these issues for a long time (eg from childhood or for many years in work). In that case, you will want to use EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique.

If you are not 100% raw and still eat some cooked meals, be aware that microwave ovens cause brain damage and cancer, so they should be avoided altogether. This is a great article explaining the actions of microwaves of food, and the effects on human blood when that food is consumed.

For a healthy colon it is good to take probiotics, as most of the food absorption occurs in the intestine. If you were a meat eater before (or an unhealthy eater of any kind of junk food), you should get a colon cleanse to remove any debris. Some people only get a colon cleanse if they feel they need one, and some people go on a regular basis. Obviously every time you cleanse the colon, you are also removing any probiotics so it is essential to take probiotics on a regular basis if you do regular colon cleanses.

There are other forms of cleansing, eg you will see herbal cleansing drinks at any health store for the various organs in the body. Acupeds are very good for removing toxins. They work on the whole body through Reflexology (foot patches on your feet). It is more hygenic than a medicinal foot bath, and it is many times safer than chelation therapy. Of course it is also important to get a good deep sleep every night.

Raw Food is a lifestyle which also covers other related health topics. For example tap water and the majority of bottled water contains pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, and bad minerals like aluminum. We prefer to drink filtered water to remove these contaminants as they are poisonous to the body. Two good companies are Aquasana and Sprite. You should also use a shower filter as chlorine is absorbed through the skin.
Note that drinking distilled water (or water with a very low ppm) is good for short periods for detoxification of heavy minerals, however it should not be used long term as it will start to leach the good minerals, as well as the bad. Also distilled water still contains pesticides as they are not removed by the distillation process - you need a filter for that. A good source of mineral water (or filtered tap water) is very important.

Some people supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals in various forms - dry or gel. There is a very good resource which compares all the vitamin and mineral supplements in North America, including their bioavailability, as many cheap supplements use inorganic substances which the body cannot absorb properly.

Some people do not take any supplements at all and try to receive all of their vitamins and minerals through their diet. Taking supplements is very much a personal choice in the raw food community, however if you choose not to take any supplements, you should monitor your blood levels for certain key vitamins and minerals, eg low levels of B12 is a common problem for those people who do not supplement.

Some people use minerals in colloidal format for example

Other colloidal supplements are silver (anti-viral and anti-biotic), and gold (raises brain function).

Some people believe that the energy used to grow, handle, and prepare the food, affects the energy within the food itself (remember we eat living/raw food). On a simple level, if a farmer lovingly tends to their crops, and the plants pick up that vibrational energy of love, then the plants will be "happier" on an energy level, and will grow more healthily.

Not specific to raw food, but specific to vegetarians/vegans are the reasons why we do not eat meat. It is a combination of moral and health reasons. We believe animals are equal to humans and have spirits the same as humans, therefore they should be treated with the same respect. If you do not believe in spirits/souls, then think about it on a moral level. Would you imprison a human in a cage 24 hours a day, inject them with hormones against their will, and take away any babies they produce shortly after the baby is born? If the answer is no, you would not do that to a human, then your moral values should also stop you from supporting an industry which treats animals in this way. If the answer is yes, you need serious psychological help?

The second reason is health. The human body takes 2 or 3 days to digest food. In that time, any meat will putrify if left at a temperature of 37C for 3 days. Eating meat is literally poisoning your body. Contrast this with a dog's body which only takes a maximum of 10 hours to digest a meal - this is why dogs can eat meat but humans cannot.

The Toronto Raw Food meetup group organises joint meetups with the following Raw Food groups in Toronto

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The idea of is that you actually meet other people in person (instead of hiding behind a computer screen)!

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Codex Alimentarius - MUST READ - the government is bringing in a law which eliminates your freedom of choice for healthy foods

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