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Each and every person is a "Genetic Wonder"! For many people, just keeping from feeling sick is a challenge, yet why are there some people who seem to have that "magical-edge" of effortless dynamic health? Is it a secret, or are they just plain lucky? Here's the answer: It's not about luck; it's merely a matter of setting in place some simple habits which, if done for long enough consistently, can and will unleash the "Genetic Wonder" in anyone who so chooses! Fact: Dynamic health is NOT a matter of good fortune, fate, or chance! Dynamic Health is a choice. And it's easier than you think!

Dynamic health is easier than MOST people think! Many may disagree mainly because of several misconceptions from the media, friends, and relatives. One of the misconceptions that I have heard quite a bit is: "Living a healthy lifestyle is too expensive!" I can truly say that after years of seeing miraculous transformations in so many people, this statement is not only false, it is laughable!

We are having a raw vegetarian cuisine class with a presentation about dynamic health on a budget. We will be discussing the many things that you can do that are absolutely free! They are "healthy-habits"; many of which are as simple as brushing your teeth. In addition we will explore healthy alternatives to so-called "incurable" diseases like cancer.

This is a $35 class, but members of this meetup only have to pay $25! How cool is that? So be sure to mention that you are a member of The Inland Empire Raw Food Meetup when you arrive.

On the menu:

*Super Hero Seaweed Soup.

*Magical Mushroom Elixir.

*Powerhouse Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

*Wonder Bread.