Past Meetup

Raw Food Potluck - FARM TOUR and Speakers - Woohoo


A tour of Marando Farms and information about their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) followed by a raw food potluck extravaganza - woohoo.

FARM TOUR starts promptly at 3:00 p.m.

Don Bennett of Health 101 (, a 20 year raw food guru will give us a tour and then enlighten and empower us with his wisdom on dis-EASE avoidance and the truth about nutrition and being healthy.

It's that time again to shaHAhare rawlicious dishes and meet our tribe of Raw Peeps and explore the Earth and what she yields. Marando Farms is a great way to explore what comes from the ground and what can be done with just a little bit of land and whole lot of love.

Prepare your favorite raw, organic, vegan dish to share!

Please bring only organic raw vegan food to share (NO animal flesh or eggs, NO dairy, NO cheese, NO honey, NOthing cooked).

One of our members is allergic to ONIONS - if they can be omitted from your dish, she will be most grateful

Your recipe and your name placed next to your dish is helpful for those with special dietary concerns. It will also be shared on our website after the Meetup with a picture of your creation. Please bring food for 20+ people to taste...

For inspiration about what to bring, go to or send me an email or call or text me at (954) 536-0477 and we will whip up some dish together

For those bringing a RawFood dish -

Bring a serving spoon Include a card listing all ingredients If you cannot bring a dish and still want to participate, make a cash contribution of $5.00 so we can bring the supplies and food and still share and be happy


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