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“Healing is a journey, not just a raw food diet”!

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Part A: 2.15 - 3.10pm

Holly George has always had a passion for natural health and healing. For the past ten years she has dedicated herself to the study and experiences of complementary therapies.

From this experience, Holly has established herself as a qualified Naturopath, practising out of Sowelu health clinic. She is also the proud author of the website 'Naturally Holly'.

Part B: 3.30 - 4.25pm

Health and Healing Mentor and Raw Food Coach Leisa Wheeler will speak about understanding that true health involves many varied factors. Leisa opens people to the processes of healing on all levels, incorporating information on healing with food as medicine and detoxification, emotional healing and release work, and connecting people with their spirituality as a tool for self-awareness and growth. Food is one of the main areas of Leisa's work, and she teaches the principles of a raw vegan diet at her Six Day Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreats, but also ensures people leave with more than just an education on food. She will be talking about the healing process as a journey, and will highlight her own resolution of a long-term thyroid condition through all of these factors.

Part C: 4.30 - 5.20pm

Hana Rubinstejnova provides us with an opportunity to reflect back on our lives. To take a moment from our busy days and bring to our awareness our internal values, beliefs and dreams that design our lives. Having been through many life learning's and experiences herself and holding Certification in several modalities (NLP, Nutrition, Psychosomatic Therapy & Face Reading) Hana lives to empower and inspire people to reclaim responsibilities and rewards which come from living a purposeful life. To find out more about Hana's current area of focus visit: http://LoveLifeLaughL... (

Suggested Contribution: $5

Three lucky door prizes will be drawn

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Rado Trenciansky, Organiser