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Year Round Farmers' Market at Garden Shop Nursery

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Fruits:Giant Fuyu Persimmons are back! I have 3 cases of the Giants and 3 cases of the ugly little ones we had last week (ugly but delicious). The Giants are beautiful and make a great presentation but you may prefer to let them ripen a bit more. The little ugly ones are sweet and nice now! (When she met us Kalayada handed us 4 persimmons. They froze in her barn! She didn't like them because the texture was not as crisp. I thought they were perfect. I'll put a note on the order to see if she still has any we can get for this market.) Shinko, Ni'itaka, and Ya Li (little yellow bird) pears. We have 3 cases of Pink Lady Apples and a couple cases of Sparkle. They are nice apples; crisp, juicy and you can pop the core out when you pare them. A chef in Napa has taken 500 pounds of Pink Lady apples for Christmas pies so this may be the end of Pink Ladies up here. Get 'em while the getting' is good! We have cases of Walnuts and Almonds from Winters. The pecans are just starting to drop and there weren't yet enough for bring in. I expect some pecans next week. And Avocados! These are not as ripe as last week but they are in better shape.Vegetables:Field Tomatoes (Early Girl variety). I have one case of red tomatoes and two cases of large "pink" tomatoes. The "pinks" need to ripen more. You may want to ripen them in a paper bag with an apple. The apple provides the ethylene gas to hasten ripening. (Apples are stored separately from other fruits at the orchard.) Fennels are back and there are some Celeries hiding down there, too. And Brussels Sprouts on the stalk. (These are smaller stalks so they will be less expensive but I haven't priced them out yet.) Red, Orange and Green Bell Peppers. I've got Broccoli Rabe/Broccolini, Beets with greens, GIANT Red Cabbages, Green Cabbages, Red Onions, Yellow Onions, lots of Large Carrots, a little bit of Garlic, delicious Green Beans (I munched on some already!), Tomatillos, Cilantro, White Cauliflower, Yellow Potatoes, Red Potatoes, BIG Baking Potatoes and Leeks. (use the leftovers for Potato Leek Soup) 700 lbs. of Jalapeños, and a large variety of Winter Squashes including Butternut Squashes. I know I've got some other stuff hiding in there. I found some Red Scallions and I have a bunch of leafy stuff - Collards, Dino Kale, and a few Baby Bok Choy - Great leaves that looked like they would be wonderful sautéed with garlic and topped with toasted nuts. Oh! English Cucumbers are still here. And we picked up a half dozen Acorn Squash for you when we got the limes.
Does anyone know where we can get more burlap bags? I'm running low. We use them to keep everything moist and as reusable cushions on the bottom of the cases.

Vendors will provide: Fresh Produce, Fruits, Nuts, and Crafts.
The market will be inside the Garden Shop Nursery and is from 10am to 2pm on Sundays all fall and winter long!

Garden Shop Nursery
3636 Mayberry Drive, Reno, NV

Email David Cusick [masked] to get on their mailing list. He will send you an update of what they will have each week before that Sunday.

This is a very awesome market to attend for a few reasons. For one thing the prices are reasonable. The produce is some of the the best you've had. It's fresh. While not certified it is organic. The farmers are honest about taste, quality and selection. They sample what they sell. They advise you on storage and preparation. I cannot say enough good things about this market. In supporting it you offer proof that even in a cold climate like Reno people need not be dependent on the tasteless produce at the supermarket. You support small farmers instead of huge corporations. The energy in this food is positive and is more nourishing for you, your family and the world.

NOTE: Farmer's market listings are for information only. There will be no host. If members would like to get together and meetup this is possible just not necessary at farmer's markets. Message me or leave a comment before if you are interested in meeting or after to extol the delicious produce you have purchased.