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High Content, Low Cost - 10 Day Journey to Raw Program

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Price: $35.00 /per person

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How would you like to go on a journey where you:

Will experience 10 days of 100% raw or a high raw diet
learn exactly how to prepare and eat raw foods and set up your kitchen?
Change the way you look and feel on a mental, emotional and spiritual level?
Get a level of energy and vitality like never before?
Will be guided, supported, educated, inspired?
Will end the confusion and frustration of not knowing where to start, what to eat, and how to stay on the road to raw?

Then I invite you to join my 10 Day Journey to Raw Program.
The Journey to Raw program is about giving YOU the chance to experience the raw foods lifestyle for 10 fun filled days.

This program will offer 100% Raw Menu with healthy cooked food options. So that's 10 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plans. Snacks, drinks and optional cooked vegan meals are all part of the program. I want raw foods to be a part of everyone's diet and this is the program that will make it accessible to both raw food enthusiasts, and those who simply want to eat raw foods maybe once a day, or even just a few times a week. No more guessing what to do or what to eat we have it all laid out for you.

I began my journey to raw over 5 years ago, have learned through trial and error how to navigate the rocky road to raw and since then I have become a raw foods chef, educator and holistic nutritionist. I have hosted over 45 raw food events and programs with some of the most influential leaders in raw foods and have learned from the top raw food chefs, speakers, authors and raw food coaches. I have taken all of this knowledge and wisdom, and have blended it with my own personal experience and success in eating a raw foods diet and have developed an easy to follow program that will open the door to the levels of health and vitality that up until this point you have probably just read about.

There are many roads to health and well being but what the Journey to Raw offers you is the opportunity to take a 10 day guided journey dedicated to living and experiencing a raw foods diet. Take the road less traveled and journey with us to discover the secrets to raw success and unveil a whole new you.

Your 10 Day Journey to Raw includes:

Journey to Raw Road Map (how to navigate the program)
Daily online videos, tutorials, food prep demo's
10 Day 100% raw and High Raw meal plan
Interactive community, Raw Tube videos, images, blogs, more recipes etc
Holistic Health tips to enhance your raw foods lifestyle
All you need to set you up for a successful 10 days and beyond

Enough reading raw food cook books, blogs, dreaming, and waiting until you know enough and the time is right. The time is NOW.
Let go of the foods and lifestyle choices that no longer serve you and bring in the fresh, raw, life enhancing foods.
Join us and I guarantee you, the person who takes the first step on this Journey to Raw program will not be the same person who will come out the other side.

The next Journey starts on Friday September 10th, 2010. Will you ride with us?

Don't let another year pass without achieving your health goals. SIGN UP TODAY.


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