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World Vegan Month Rawluck

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Hey all. I am hosting the November rawluck in commemoration of World Vegan Month, and in lieu of our having a Thanksgiving Day celebration; as I'll be in Tampa for the day with Florida Voices for Animals for theirs.

This will be an all raw and vegan potluck, therefor no cooked or processed and packaged foods as well as no flesh, dairy or honey. Let's have whole food plant-based dishes that are all organic, or as organic as can be made. Please label your dish with its ingredients. Remember if you choose conventional produce that's labelled non-GMO that means conventional and not organic. It sill uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides in its process. Plus conventional produce is more likely to be a GMO product as more produce is made with GMO seeds.

Plan to spend between $15 to $20 for your dish. Although this event is free to the public as far as entrance is concerned, plates are not free unless you bring a dish. Even if you bring your own plate but no dish, you’ll be asked for $15 to serve yourself. This is only fair as everyone else will be going through a like expense. Plate or no plate, if you do not bring a dish and don’t want to pay $15 you are free to join our company. At the end of each person serving themselves, I could ask if those who brought a dish, if they’d allow anyone who didn’t to sample some of their food. I don’t like free-loading at the cost of others.

We are back at the community room at the Waldemere Fire Station on the Friday of the month. There are a few parking spaces at the station for the early birds, and break out parking across the street at the businesses and bank. Choose carpooling to reduce your carbon fingerprint by offering a ride or receiving one. Walking and cycling is also an option for those living close by.

This will also be a plastic-free event, so no single use plastics. The bad five: bags, bottles, utensils, cups with their lids, and straws, and styrofoam clamshell containers. Think reusing containers, even those old RubberMain and TupperWare ones, as well as bringing in and sharing with all any new ideas of replacements.

Since this is not a Thanksgiving Day vegan celebration bring whatever you want. One dish per person for up to eight people. In addition to labeling your dish you can also bring copies of your recipes in to share. No serving utensils will be provided, so bring your own for each dish.

I will invest in some compostable plates and cups as well as utensils as well as having a container for composting our food scraps. I may partner with a county agent on this as it is a county building. Small amounts of food waste are now permitted within the Sarasota city limits. It will either be hauled off to the county compost location or my house.

Donations will be asked for to cover the cost of compostable. I cannot afford to be buying these each month out of pocket. Give what you can.

Let's showcase our skills and passion! In memorium. Let us reflect upon those voiceless souls who left their forms from our impacting their lives in polluting our waters with waste and chemicals. As our consciousness awakens and rises to a higher state we choose to improve our world to better accommodate all life, elements, and environment.