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Greetings to my fellow vegans who choose to eat healthy raw! We have a new location for this month's Raw Vegan Potluck. The Office Atrium is conveniently located on Route 82 near I-77 between Broadview and Brecksville Roads. We are meeting in the 1st floor lobby with access to an outdoor table.

There is plenty of free parking around the building with handicap parking close to the entrance doors. The western side of the building has the closest entrance to the lobby.

Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for your child's lunchbox? Is his or her food choices and habits strongly influenced by their friends? Or is the food advertising, targeted directly at kids, that glamorizes junk food, breakfast cereals, fast food, candy, soda and so-called "fruit" drinks, most of which is loaded with refined sugar, fat, and/or artificial colors, flavors and preservatives starting to become their "food" of choice? Well, the struggle to build a nutritious foundation for your kids' health doesn't have to be a losing battle. There will be many suggestions to help you and your kids form healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

You have the option to attend both the potluck and discussion or select one or the other. Also, feel free to stop in to meet fellow raw foodists, socialize for a bit or tour the new facilities.

The social time will start at 6:30 pm and we will begin eating at 7:00 pm. Your host and health coach, Gloria, will begin the discussion around 8:00 on getting the kids (or adults) to eat their vegetables or other healthy snacks.

Please bring your smile, a hungry appetite, and a raw vegan (organic if possible) dish that has not been heated over 110 degrees to share with 6-8 people. If you are a creative type then by all means invent something really unique. If you are a newbie or a more simple foods oriented individual then just stop at the market and pick up something raw and fresh that you think will suit. If you are coming as a couple, please bring an extra large, double, or a second entree. If you are coming directly from work and can't bring anything, please still come, as your friendship is of most importance and we usually have plenty of food for everyone.

It is appreciated that you bring your own setting if possible along with a serving utensil to serve with your entree. If you forget or don't have everything, there will be extra settings and utensils.

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A special message from Sandie is: "Because this is an all plant based raw vegan (mostly organic) gathering I would ask everyone to respect the request to keep the potluck just that. No animal flesh or animal by-products, please. And no cooked vegan or processed vegan food, please. We are all about being vegan and raw. Fresh, ripe, vegan, raw and organic (if possible). Also, please refrain from using colognes and perfumes being considerate of those with sensitivities and allergies." Thank you for understanding.