Michigan Contracts 101


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Investing in real estate is serious business. As such, there are LOTS of legal documents involved in every transaction, and each document represents large amounts of money and promises, so you owe it to yourself to get familiar with these documents before it's too late.
At A2REIC, we're about being PROACTIVE, rather than REACTIVE. This means, that transactions move very quickly, and there is no time during the transaction to take the time to learn about documents you may be seeing for the first time "in the heat of the battle."
This session will be a 5000 foot overview of all the main documents used in various Michigan transactions. It is NOT comprehensive, and you will be treated to a BIG legal disclaimer at the start of the session.
This session will get familiar with the names of documents, when they're used, and which documents you can expect to see at which stages of the transaction. This session is to protect and prepare you for the expected, and unexpected. During this session we'll cover:
--Agency Agreements
--Seller Disclosures
--Purchase Agreements
--Compensation Agreements
--Construction and Inspection Agreements
--Assignment Agreements
. . . and quite a bit more.

Contracts is not the most glamorous investing topic, but is definitely among the most critical. Learning about these agreements BEFORE you sign them is the sign of a smart, professional investor.

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If You're a NEW Investor: You are welcome to attend ONE Class or General Meeting events as our GUEST, to see if investing, and this group is right for you. We offer a 5 Hour New Investor Quick Start Workshop on January 4, 2020, that will teach you what you need to know to make deals. The Workshop will Teach:
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The FOUR basic Strategies of: Wholesaling, Flipping, BRRRR, and Buy and Hold.


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