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Rainmakers Subgroup: Finding Off Market Deals

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Brian B. and Gerrit S.
Rainmakers Subgroup: Finding Off Market Deals


The purpose of this group is finding off market deals, and YOU'RE invited to join us! Here's a sample of opportunities discussed at our most recent meeting;

--A 21 Unit Portfolio in Washtenaw County

--A 16 Unit Portfolio in Ypsilanti

--Several Duplexes in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor

--Results of FOIA Requests for Code Violation Properties

--Skip Traced Leads for Multi-Family properties and vacant properties.

--Syndication opportunities

At the table included: 2 REALTORS, a Private Lender, and 6 ACTIVE Investors ready to buy. ALL great folks that are a positive addition to ANYONES Power Team.

You never know who will be at the table, what is on the menu on a given day, or who you might meet that can blossom into a great professional relationship. You must be present to win!

The purpose of this Subgroup is twofold:

  1. FINDING Off Market Deals for members of the group.

  2. TEACHING Members How to pursue off market deals on their own, to fill their deal pipeline.

The group is NOT about finding off market deals to pursue as a group venture.

The most active and aggressive (successful) investors hire their own people to pursue acquisitions. Our concept is to use the leverage of the 2200+ members of the A2REIC to create Leverage and find and pursue creative and effective ways to find off market deals.

This Subgroup is for you:

  • If you're a FLIPPER looking for your next deal.

  • If you're a BRRRR investor looking for your next deal.

  • If you're a BUY & HOLD investor who wants to be more PROACTIVE.

  • If you’re a WHOLESALER building your Pipeline

  • If you want to MEET and NETWORK with other active investors.

We will TEACH you how to find deals by:

  • Cultivating Your Personal Sphere of Influence

  • Growing Your Network Through the Investor Community

  • Finding, Buying, and Marketing to Motivated Seller Lists

  • Cataloging and Geographic Farming

  • FOIA Requests

And more!

RAINMAKERS is a COLLABORATION between A2REIC and Dirty House Buyers, because we know the power of collaboration, which leads to leverage.

The plan is to meet (at least) 2X/ month, with online communication in between. You must be a VIP Member (or plan to join as a VIP) in order to participate in this Subgroup. You may attend one meeting before making your commitment.


I have a ONE TIME Membership Fee of $250 for an individual, and $325 for a Couple, which compensates me for my time, expertise, and management of the group. Consider it an investment in yourself and your education. For the Fee, you get access to all classes, and unlimited coaching and consultation.

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Ann Arbor Real Estate Investors Club
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