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Location: Spring Creek BBQ (I-20 & Carrier Pkwy)[masked] South Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

When: Tuesday - September 11, 2012

Time: 6:30 Networking, 7:15 meeting starts

Dress: Business Casual

Cost: Free with Dinner Receipt

Are you a landlord or ever wanted to know the secrets of becoming one or even becomeing a better one?

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Are you having tenant problems or tenant nightmares? Are you having management issues? Do you want to learn some new secrets and new ways you can be better at managing, selecting, and maintaining your properties?

Make sure you make it out to this month's Super Landlord panel because these landlords have a combined experience of over 50 years in leasing, managing, buying, and owning rental properties.

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Your Super Landlord Panel will include:

Cathy Crowe-League will be our MC and Panel Moderator at this meeting. She has been a licensed Realtor® since 1989 and working with investors since 1990. She started buying houses in 1990 for both wholesale and rehabbing for retail.

Through the years she has wholesaled over 1000 houses, rehabbed over 300 houses, sold over 100 notes, and held numerous rental properties at various times.

As a realtor®, she has participated in the sale of over 100 multi-family properties, package deals of single houses (2-150) and multiple listings of properties. In 2001, Cathy flipped 243 houses before our national tragedy.

In 2002, Cathy started Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network (DFWREIN). With over 3000 members, she taught and coached over 8000 investors until she sold the organization in July 2008.

Mark King was introduced to real estate in the 1970's repairing his dad's rent houses. He's been a licensed Realtor® since 2000 & been involved in buying, selling, rehabbing, and being landlord for a long, long time.

Tunita Bailey began her career in the real estate industry as a real estate professional while obtaining a degree in Real Estate Finance from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

She is a Mortgage Banker & Real Estate Broker. While working as a mortgage banker, Tunita purchased her first investment property and over the past 25 years she and her partners have contracted, bought, built, sold, managed or financed millions of dollars worth of residential and commercial real estate.

Stacie Meeker is known in the investor community as the Networking Queen. A born “people person”. She has been investing in Real Estate since 2002.

She started out buying and rehabbing for a fast profit then quickly realized that cash flow was the number one necessity in her business in order for it to be a success. She was able acquire enough rental properties to leave her corporate job as a Social Worker in 2007 after 5 years in the business.

Now she owns a combination of rental houses, mobiles homes, a 24 unit apartment building and vacant land.

AP Rogers became a landlord in 1989 over 23 years ago and he learned a few valuable tips along the way. He's learned that the best way to keep clients satisfied is to treat them with dignity and respect and keep the property maintained. At this meeting you will learn how to use one of his most powerful lessons to attract better quality tenants.

Stephanie Key

Jeff Ringnald

You are in for a real treat with the suprise information they will share with you at this meeting.

They will fill you in as they answer these 12 powerful questions for you:

1. What is your best method to find good properties in today's market?

2. Knowing what you know now, if you were starting over today, what would you do differently?

3. How do you screen your tenants?

4. What is your #1 secret for getting your rents on time?

5. When do you start your evictions and how do you handle that process?

6. Tell us your best maintenance tip for keepiong your properties up.

7. Do any of your tenants receive government subsidized rent? If so, tell us how you like it. What's your #1 best tip to use and the #1 pitfall to avoid when working with it.

8. Tell us your best tax planning tip has given you powerful tax advantages.

9. Tell about your worst tenant and what you did to overcome that problem.

10. Your best tip when dealing with insurance for your rentals.

11. Your #1 maintenance tip and how do you find good contractors.

12. Your most powerful and creative investment property management secret?

Bring your notebook and get ready for a mind expanding event that will revolutionize your rental property investing business and take it to the next level & beyond!!

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Location: Spring Creek BBQ (I-20 & Carrier Pkwy)[masked] South Carrier Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

When: Tuesday - September 11, 2012

Time: 6:30 Networking, 7:15 meeting starts

Dress: Business Casual

Cost: Free with Dinner Receipt

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Greg Bell
President & Chief Education Officer

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