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How to Get Your Phones Flooding with Good Leads
We recently made a huge breakthrough in our marketing for new deals and as usual, when we discover something that works, we share it with you! This new marketing campaign had very minimal effort and gave us 3x more leads than our most recent yellow letter campaign. The results were shocking.. and it's going to save us a lot of marketing $$. Register for the Webinar Here>> What You'll Learn: 1. See why all leads are NOT created equally. 2. Learn to stepby-step for setting up a lead campaign that immediately starts bringing in leads 3. Understand how to talk to sellers by listening to actual conversations we've had with sellers during the webinar. 4. Get the script we use for negotiating with sellers. 5. Get a second FREEBIE that will show you how to set up a profitable rehabbing company. If you've been following our trainings, you know that one of our top goals is to help you attract more quality leads, make more money, and ultimately help more people with your unique skills. This training in particular is an opportunity for you to rip off and duplicate our revamped marketing process. The truth is the market has changed and finding good deals has gotten tougher. So if you’re phones (and business) have been a little lifeless this month and you’re looking for a marketing defibrillator you can’t miss this >>

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