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Updating a civilizations operating system is no easy task.

Welcome everyone, it's great to have you here.

I was shaken recently with the understanding that Blockchain technology is advancing faster than most of us could imagine.

It seems almost like humanity, unknowingly, had driven and developed technologies from things like telescopes to things like the internet for this very purpose, to incorporate automation into many field that previously, sometimes for millennia's, were impossible to automate.

I believe people understand that we're getting a second chance to tap into something big, and since the infrastructure (the internet) is already in place, and it's just a question of creating the correct piece of software, many want to prepare themselves, already now, for such a future.

With that said, Blockchain presents great opportunities as well as dangers, and while some may benefit from these dynamics, some may also get hurt in one way or another, often due to a lack of understanding regarding the way this technology works.

There are big issues that still need to be resolved before this technology is ready for widespread use and I believe many companies, some which issue ICO's, are getting somewhat ahead of themselves by making commitments they cannot uphold.

It is also my understanding, that as software is software, software developers around the world will solve existing issues and develop new features, sooner rather than later.

With this group, we're building an educational core that's based on a few simple idea's: that there's a lot to learn from others, that the best way to understand something is to try and explain it to someone else, and that if you can't explain something clearly, you probably don't understand it well enough.

This gives us a group that will help all of us get a better grasp of the different aspects of the technology, in order to make sure our Blockchain related decisions are as educated as possible.

Let's Meetup and welcome the future


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